Isabella is a 22 year old fashion designer with Down Syndrome from Guatemala. She began her studies when she was just two years old in a regular school, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Letters with curricular adaptations. Isabella describes these as happy years because her companions loved and accepted her just as she was, regardless of her condition.

To qualify to graduate for her bachelor’s degree, she had to prepare a project called “Proyecto de Vida” (a thesis of yourself and your future plans) and be able to explain her short, medium and long term life goals.This is the moment where Isabella decides she wants to become a fashion designer. That same passion accompanies her since she was a little girl, her mother recalls how Isabella went over the clothes in her fashion magazines’ and then create clothing for her dolls from other clothing scraps. 

When Isabella decides to apply for university she is denied admission because of her condition, Down Syndrome. She describes the feeling of her university denial  as devastating, especially not being able to continue studying like her classmates and being able to fulfill her dream of being a designer. Without giving up a few months later, Isabella makes the decision to follow her dream. She enrolls in a dressmaking academy where she learns how to make patterns, cut and sew on a machine.
Her first event was “Guatextraordinaria” at the Ixchel Museum in Guatemala City. In the event she participated with bags designed by her with Guatemalan textiles and colorful accessories. Thanks to the success derived from that event, Isabella creates her own brand “Down to Xjabelle”. Down by his condition and Xjabelle for the atelier that his maternal grandmother had for many years and who also used Guatemalan textiles in his clothes.
In October 2016 Isabella receives an invitation to participate in the showcase at “London Fashion Week” as an emergent designer representing Guatemala. Her designs, spontaneity, hard work, and dedication captivated international audiences. That same year she was named by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential women.
Isabella TedxUDLAP

Her designs have been presented in London, Rome, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puebla, Monterrey, Guatemala City and Panama City. This year she will be presenting her designs once again in Mexico in Panama in both inclusive and traditional runways. Isabella is also a guest speaker and has been invited to speak about her experience in fashion, social inclusion, and entrepreneurship in events such as FORBES Forum “Mujeres Poderosas” celebrated in San Jose, Costa Rica in August 2017. Isabella is currently the ambassador for Pepsi’s “Guatemorfosis” campaign and is the image of “Mujer Logro” for the brands Esika and L’Ebel. This past year Isabella was a speaker for various events, including OMINA Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica and her first TEDx Talk at UDLAP. Isabella presented her latest collection “Paraíso” at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Guatemala November 2018. Recently, Isabella starred in SIMAN store’s Mother’s Day campaign for Central America, “Nunca es tarde para…

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