About Me

I am Isabella.img_1526

I am 19 years old, I am from Guatemala, and I have Down syndrome.

I graduated from High School two years ago, and decided to go to University to study fashion design. It was denied to me due to my condition. It was a “NO” that I wanted to turn into a big “YES”.

With the support of my loving family I had been educating myself in fashion design, sowing and knitting.

I want to show my passion for life and beauty with creative fashion designs. As a a child my family remembers me drawing and looking throughout fashion magazines for hours.

One of my dreams was to be able to design beautiful and fashionable clothing for youngsters and adults with Down syndrome. Because of the physical characteristics we have, sometimes it is quite difficult to find nice clothing that fits us well. That has been the main inspiration under the brand DOWN TO XJABELLE. Inspired by the women of my family, I went further to design bags and jackets for everyone else.

I love using Guatemalan textiles for my designs because they are very rich in colors and in patterns and I identify with them, because they are “carefree” … just like me.

These textiles are unique. They are woven by Mayan indigenous women who live in the rural areas of my beautiful Guatemala. Each community in Guatemala has different patterns and colors that identify them.

Using the Mayan textiles in my designs I honor all these women that for ages and ages have been waving Guatemala’s history in clothing and textiles.

I love my life… I adore what I do and I am willing to learn from the “University of life”, and experience all I can.

I wish that every garment I so lovingly work on warms the dreams of other youngsters who have different abilities … we can do it!

I believe that we all together can knit a better world.

With all my love,