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Springmühl Tejada

Isabella is a 22 year old fashion designer with Down Syndrome from Guatemala. One of Isabella's life dreams since she was a child was to become a famous fashion designer. After applying, and being rejected by two universities, Isabella (alongside her mother) decide that she will become a fashion designer no matter what. With no formal training or education in fashion, Isabella created Down to Xjabelle: Down because of her condition; Xjabelle after the atelier her maternal grandmother had 37 years ago. Her love for the colorful and strong cultural traditions of Guatemalan textiles have inspired Isabella to create truly one of a kind pieces.

A small brand from Guatemala, Down to Xjabelle is a young and inclusive brand with a huge heart. We repurpose Guatemalan textiles into beautiful and vibrant designs, In fact, about 95% of the materials we use are re-used and handmade in Guatemala. Isabella lets her imagination run wild with colorful fringes, textures, and embroideries on Guatemalan handmade textiles. Come and have fun with us!

Special Thanks To...

Photography and edition: Manny Rionda & Studio Frijol

Models: NOVA Model Management

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